Reindeer Leather Bracelet -Blue with Sterling Silver Beads

Reindeer Leather Bracelet -Blue with Sterling Silver Beads

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These bracelets are handmade in Australia with the softest naturally tanned Scandinavian Reindeer Leather from Sweden, high quality spun pewter & 10% silver threads (nickel free) with 2.5mm sterling silver beads.   The magnetic clasp is strong & secure and made from Zamak alloy (nickel free).

After extended wear the pewter threads will flatten down & become shiny. The leather will soften & mold to your wrist and maintain its shape for years to come.
Other colours available, please contact me if you would like to order another colour.

Width: 1cm
Length: 17cm

Please measure your wrist where you would like to wear the bracelet and add 1-1.5cm for the total length of the bracelet.

Bracelets lengths:
16cm -  XS
17cm -  S
18cm  - M
19cm -  L (Mens S)
20cm -  XL (Mens M)
21cm -  XXL (Mens L)
22cm -  XXL (Mens XL)
23cm  - XXXL