Freedom Moses Slides - Cactus

Freedom Moses Slides - Cactus

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Freedom Moses is the brainchild of French Designer Sarah Gurt. As a shoe designer, after many years of designing for high end Companies, such as Calvin Klein & Oscar de la Renta she decided to start a brand of her own that related to local lifestyle and that would resonate with people around the world.

Freedom Moses embodied the aesthetics and vibes of her home town - Coolness, Comfort, Colour & Spontanteity.

These slides are not just cool looking, they are recyclable, waterproof, washable, animal friendly, smell of milk & honey and are super comfy. 

- Made from sustainable PVC plastic
- Injected with air & natural oils.
- Porvide durability as well as comfort
- Cruelty free & vegan
- Easily sanitised & waterproof
- Super comfy

 Colour: Cactus Green